Peaceful Reintegration

Europe House Vukovar

Europe House Vukovar was founded in 2000 with the aim to strengthen European ideas in the Republic of Croatia, presenting the cultural and national heritage of Croatia in Europe, informing citizens on the process of EU expansion, developing a sense of belonging to Europe, and developing a culture of understanding, tolerance, and dialogue with other European peoples and states. The mission of Europe House Vukovar is to initiate and support socio-economic development in Vukovar-Srijem County in order to solidify peace and further the wellbeing of its population. It also aims to engage regionally in egalitarian and effective collaboration with other entities in the EU member states. The area of work of Europe House Vukovar includes the implementation its programmes for the improvement of the quality of life for all citizens, which focus specifically on minorities and marginalised social groups.

Europe House Vukovar
A Ljudevita Gaja 12, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia
T +385 32 450096
E edvu@edvu.hr
W www.edvu.hr
F Europski.dom.Vukovar


The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is Germany’s oldest political foundation with a rich social democratic heritage that goes back to 1925. The work of our political foundation is focused on the founding ideas and values of social democracy: freedom, justice, solidarity and the maintaining of peace. This connects us to social democracy and independent unions. The regional office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Zagreb was opened in 1996 and is in charge of projects in Croatia and Slovenia. The main components of our work are the strengthening of democratic institutions, discussion of the concepts of economic and social reform, interethnic dialogue and peace-making, the support and promotion of union activities, support for organisations that promote the development of an active and pluralistic civil society, and direct engagement in social-ecological transition.

A Praška 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
T +385 1 480 79 70
F Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Zagreb
W www.croatia.fes.de

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Regional Office Dialogue Southeast Europe

Over the two and a half decades of the presence of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Southeastern Europe, we have seen that the challenges and problems of this region are best resolved through a common regional framework. Our dedication to the implementation of our foundational aims of democratic consolidation, social and economic justice, and peace building through regional cooperation, has been strengthened since 2015, by the founding of the regional center Dialogue Southeast Europe (Dialogue SOE) with its headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Dialogue SOE works on analyzing the common regional challenges and developing appropriate regional programs and activities in collaboration with the offices of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in the countries of Southeastern Europe, and in coordination with our colleagues in Berlin and Brussels. Our regional activities are built around four broad themes: 1) social-democratic politics and values; 2) social and economic justice; 3) progressive peace politics; 4) social and ecological transformation.


Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe

A Kupreška 20, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
T +387 33 711 540; +387 33 711 541
E info@fes-soe.org
I fes_soe
F Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe
W www.soe.fes.de